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英語英米文学科の授業・教員を紹介します! (4)                英語インテンシブ科目と選択科目(通称「e科目」)


第4回は、イタリア系アメリカ人で、長く中国で暮らした後に日本にきたピーター・ミリアーノ(Peter Miliano)先生です。

I teach “Academic Composition and Expression” and “Research and Presentation” classes in the Intensive English Language Program; in these courses students study and give presentations on a wide variety of academic topics. I also teach the elective courses “Pop Culture vs. Real America” and “Business English.” In the former students read about the stereotypes they see in several popular American TV programs; in the latter they read and discuss Japanese and international business topics. In “Reading” classes students read and discuss lots of graded readers, which are short, easy-to-read books written for language learners to make reading more fun.

My research interests are Motivation, Extensive Reading, and Vocabulary.

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